1. Unpublished, Ethical, Un-Plagiarised original manuscript written in English should be sent to: Dr. Ajay Kumar, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by email at: iamdrajay@gmail.com in a pdf file.
  2. An Undertaking signed by all the authors mentioning that:
    1. It’s an original study
    2. It has not been published earlier in any other journal.
    3. No part of this study has been published or sent to any other journal for publications. If already published then details provided. If already send to any other journal then details provided. ( Please strike off which not relevant)
    4. It has not been sent for publication to any other journal
    5. All the authors have read the manuscript and agree with its content (Its mandatory requirement and not just a formality, All the authors must read the manuscript before submission and should agree to its content.) All the authors must send a separate email to the editor in this regard that manuscript has been read by them and agree to correctness of its content.
    6. All the authors agree with the sequence of authorship and there should not be any dispute regarding sequence of authorship. This also should be written in the email sent by individual author as mentioned in 2(d) above.
    7. Specific Contribution in the manuscript preparation. A study conducted in a particular institute but with authors from different institute is usually not accepted unless the role of faculty of another institute is specifically specified. The Journal does not accept articles with suspicion of giving ghost authorship.
    8. The individual author should write as part of email and not as attachment.
    9. Individual author while sending the email must mention about their name, designation, contribution in the study, study design and sample size. Study design does not mean title of the article so please take care.

3.       All the submitted studies should be approved by research/ethics committee of the institute and proof of same to be attached. However, for case report and review article, the condition can be exempted on case-to-case basis. It is desirable that ethics committee/research committee approval letter should have names of all the authors mentioned in the manuscript.

4.       All the submitted manuscripts should follow the specific guidelines as applicable to the study design mentioned in the manuscript. Eg PRISMA guidelines for systematic review and meta-analysis. The review which does not come under systemic reviews and meta-analysis should follow PRISMA guidelines as far as possible. CARE guidelines are for case reports. CONSORT for Randomised trials, STROBE for Observational  studies and so on . Details can be checked from (https://www.equator-network.org).

5.       References should be in Vancouver Style only.

6.       Abstract should be in structured format.

7.       Key words to be mentioned.

8.       Designations of each author be mentioned clearly. Corresponding author should only do the correspondence. However, every author shall send an email as mentioned in 2(d).

9.       The text divided into the Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Conflicts of Interest, Acknowledgements, References etc

10.   Introduction means brief about that title, what is already known about that study, what was deficient in the already existing studies, what exactly has been done in the present study. Aims Objectives should be mentioned in the introduction only in the last para of introduction.

11.   In the materials and methods – mentioned the place of study, time period when the study has been done (Studies done 10 years prior to submission are not accepted et all from 2023 onwards). Exclusion and inclusion criteria be mentioned in it.

12.   Results and discussion should be separate. Clubbed results and discussion are not accepted et all from 2023 onwards.

13.   All the submitted articles shall be subjected to plagiarism check and sent for peer review. It may take minimum one month from date of submission to date of acceptance.

14.   Materials and Methods: Should mention followings:

a.             Study design

b.             Place of study (Name of department and institution. Name other departments and institutions if done at more than one place or with collaboration with someone else)

c.             Time period during which the study has been done

d.             Ethical aspects

e.             Exclusion and inclusion criteria

f.              Sample size

g.             Process of selection of samples

h.             But exactly done in the study be mentioned clearly

i.              Statistical methods used (if any)

15.   Please read the instructions carefully.

16.   Is the submitted article a part of some student Thesis /Dissertation work, if yes has any part of it been published? If yes please attach that published /accepted paper out of the Thesis from which this manuscript has been prepared.

17.   If the part of submitted study has already been published or has been sent for publications then, you need to specify it .

18.   If the submitted article is part of student dissertation/Thesis then the concerned student shall be the first author and guide/supervisor can be corresponding author.

19.   Decision of the editorial team shall be final in all aspects.

20.   If any poster has been presented in any conference out of this manuscript, please mention specifically at the end and do send that poster as such and the certificate received.

21.   Similarly, if any paper has been presented from this manuscript, please mention specifically at the end and do send that paper as such and the certificate received.

22.   If any paper has already been published from this study, Please mention specifically at the end and do send that published paper as such and it should be there in the references.

23.   Please continue correspondence on the same email thread and do not create any new email thread for sending revised manuscript or any pending documents.


Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Checklist for Authors

1.       Covering Letter to the Editor In Chief

2.       Title page

3.       Contributors’ form

4.       Manuscript excluding tables & figures

5.       Tables & figures/Legends